DC-Winter Adventurer for Genesis 8 Female

DC-Winter Adventurer for Genesis 8 Female

A fashion statement for any brave adventurer girl! This seven piece set features four dForce-ready clothing items (Arming Coat, Jerkin, Pants, and Boots), and three additional conforming items (Belt, and two pairs of gloves). Clean and dirty texture variations are also provided. Chock filled with dozens of hand-edited character and body morphs, this set is sure to please, and will be a valuable addition to your DAZ Studio library.
This set includes:
- dForce Arming Coat, brown leather and blue textured wool
- dForce Pants, brown leather
- dForce Boots, brown leather
- dForce Jerkin, brown leather with brass accents
- Conforming Belt, brown leather
- Conforming Gloves (two pairs - full, and styled), brown leather
- 50 4096x4096 PNG texture/normal maps (Arming Coat, Jerkin, Boots, and Pants)
- 30 2048x2048 PNG texture/normal maps (Both Gloves and Belt)
See Editorial page for additional information on supported morphs.

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