Esmerelda for Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 Females

Esmerelda for Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 Females

Esmerelda is a sexy and versatile new fantasy outfit inspired by magic, sorcery, and all that goes with it ... with a lot of style and attitude.
Included in this package:
- Esmerelda Corset (.duf)
- Esmerelda Coat (.duf)
- Esmerelda Panty (.duf)
- Esmerelda Stockings (.duf)
- Esmerelda Shoes (.duf)
- Esmerelda Hat (.duf)
- 2 textures for the coat
- 2 textures for the corset
- 2 textures for the hat
- 5 textures for the stockings
- 3 textures for the hat
- Options to hide or show rivets on shoes
- Gold or silver option for shoe metal
The Esmerelda Coat has many morphs to for adjustment AND for movement, plus four extra bones for the tails. When used in combination, you can achieve many different looks.
The Esmerelda Hat is a prop and is parented to the head. It will be fine for most morphs, but you may need to scale it up or down or manually move it, depending on the character you're using, in addition to scaling for different hair figures and props.
The Esmerelda Shoes have a heel bone that can be selected and moved if you need to adjust for posing.
All pieces include adjustment and movement morphs for your convenience in fitting and posing. Also, morphs in the all pieces have been smoothed and perfected to work with all the Genesis 3 or Genesis 8 character morphs.
All material presets include shaders optimized for the Iray Render Engine.

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