RM Courtney

RM Courtney

RM Courtney V4
Poser 6/7 D|S 2.2.5 or higher
V4.2 Morphs++
Product Compatibility: P6/P7 D|S 2.2.5 or higher and V4.2
RM Courtney V4 Miss Slinky Town USA
Meet Courtney, sensual, sexy.. amazing! Versatile and fun Courtney is packed full of options that can take her from innocent to vamp in a simmple click. She comes with a custom head and neck morph, DAZ dialed body morph and stunning body textures. 5 eye options, 2 lash choices and 9 make up options that were designed to perfectly coordinate with the Slinky Town USA V4/A4/Elite outfit as well as a make up off option. Courtney is the offical Miss Slinky Town USA and will be right at home in all the Slinky Town USA fashion line by Aoaio and Nirvy.
This set includes:
•1 gorgeous custom head morph with seperate INJ/REM
•1 DAZ Dialed body morph with INJ/REM pose for V4.2 for the V4 Morphs ++
•5 Beautiful eye options
•9 beautiful make up options.
•1 Torso map, 1 bump and 1 specular map
•1 limb map , 1 bump and 1 specular map
•P6/7 MAT settings for textures utilizing shader nodes
•D|S Material settings
•2 Lash options to choose from

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