Hot Winter IV

Hot Winter IV

"Hot Winter IV" is a sexy winter outfit set which is designed for Victoria 4, Aiko 4, the Girl 4, V4 Elite, Pretty Base IV and Kaileena. This outfit consists of high qualty mesh models with dynamic morphs. These morphs provide to advanced movement morphs to conform realisticially with the character movements.
All accesories that complete the fantasy winter oufit are easy to use.
There are 4 parts of outfit meshes in this product that were modelled as high quality and all details were made very carefully:
Tench Coat, Boots, Belt and Necklace.
Hot Winter IV includes
1 Conforming, Morphing trench coat figure
1 Conforming, Morphing boots figure
1 Conforming, Morphing belt figure
1 Conforming, Morphing necklace figure
11 Texture Maps

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