Roxanne For V4

Roxanne For V4

Roxanne is an realistic beauty for V4 she comes with her very own bikini
She excels in glamour renders,but she can be anything you want her to be.
What's included.
1 Default Head texture
9 Additional Head textures
4 Torso textures
4 Torso Bump textures
7 Lip textures
1 Limbs texture
6 Eye textures
1 Lash Trans Map
1 Teeth Gum texture
1 Teeth Gum Bump texture
Specular, displacement, and bump maps for Face, Torso & Limbs.
Morphs and Mat Poses:
Roxanne Body INJ-REM including 12 expressions, 15 Breast morphs and BikiniBody Morph
Roxanne Head INJ-REM
Roxanne Alternative Head Morph INJ-REM
SmoothGens INJ-REM
4 Body mat Poses with and without pubic hair
and with and without butt crease. also for SSS option Poser 9,10,2012,2014.
6 Eye color Matposes also for SSS option Poser 9,10,2012,2014.
16 Lip color Matposes inluding default and glossy options also for SSS option Poser 9,10,2012,2014.
8 Makeup options including default + 1 Makeup off matpose also for SSS option Poser 9,10,2012,2014.
7 Matposes for the bikini.

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