LBLC Football Locker Room

LBLC Football Locker Room

All models done in Blender3d also UV and material assignments. Exported in fbx format and process scene in Daz Studio 4, shaders using Iray and texture maps are all royalty free. Rendered using Iray render engine, all post processing the image done using Affinity photo.
The High school locker room where I hit all my highs and lows daily . Leading myself to victories on the court riding a wave of adrenaline back to the locker room to celebrate (mostly ) the occasional tear down by the coach that turned my Arkhangelsk inside out and had team mates in tears on game nights . The education received from that one click of girls who could make Aphrodite blush crimson the secretes the fights and the compadre between us all .
Jump in re-live or re- invent but enjoy the nostalgia of the memories…Make this a great piece of your scene, add characters and athletes to complete you sports set.

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