Colony Reactor for Poser and DS

Colony Reactor for Poser and DS

Reactor segment is another addition for my 'Colony' and 'Bubble Habitat' set of products.
This time, engineering sector with powerful reactor.
REACTOR SEGMENT is equipped with reactor (separate element, you can rotate or hide it), service access hatches (open/close option) and complex energy conduits.
START/END SEGMENTS close reactor segment from each side. By default, one reactor segment fit gap between start and end segment, but you can move end segment, make more room and place several reactor segments in one seamless structure.
This structure is fully compatible with my previous 'Colony' and 'Bubble Habitat' releases, or it can be used as stand-alone
Firefly and Superfly materials are included for Poser version Daz Studio version comes with Nvidia Iray materials only.

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