CJ Astoria for Genesis 8 Female

CJ Astoria for Genesis 8 Female

Astoria for Genesis 8 Female is a bio-engineered humanoid. A genetically enhanced creature almost entirely composed of organic substances. Apart from the tell tale electronic circuitry on her face, Astoria is virtually identical to an adult human with full emphatic abilities and even the capacity to love and hate. Unlike a human, she possess superior strength, speed, agility, resilience and intelligence.
Astoria was sculpted in Zbrush with hand painted details created in Substance Painter. She comes with custom LIE's for a electronic face circuitry (left and right) and cracked face veins (left and right). She also come with an LIE for face paint and a full set of eyes and lips, makeup options and more...
Astoria for Genesis 8 Female is a beautiful Scifi character and is a perfect addition to your Daz content library as an android, Scifi warrior or futuristic soldier.

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