V3D Sandra - G8F & G8.1F

V3D Sandra - G8F & G8.1F

Sandra is a beautiful model with a detailed face shape and skin. Her morphs are handmade. I used a combination of photos and
hand painting for her face texture to achieve a unique look. She also comes with a Real Iris Morph and a Nails Morph.
She is created for Genesis 8 Female and Genesis 8.1. She comes with two skin shaders for each Genesis version. Included are several make-up options, eyelash options and nail colours.
Morph Options:
• Sandra Head Apply & Rem
• Sandra Body Apply & Rem
• Sandra Full Apply All Morph & Rem
• Sandra Nipples Apply & Rem
• Sandra Navel Apply & Rem
• Sandra Lashes Apply & Rem
• Sandra Nails Apply & Rem
• Real Iris Morph
Sandra Skin Options for PBR & UBER:
• Full Body Texture with bump, roughness, microskin, normal & spec
• 4 Eye Colours
• 5 Lip Colours + 4 Gloss vers.
• 2 Eyelashes G8, 2 Eyelashes G8.1
• 4 Face Makeup
• 8 Nail Colours
This item works only in DAZ. Iray only.

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