Roxana Lingerie for Genesis 8 Female(s)

Roxana Lingerie for Genesis 8 Female(s)

Roxana Lingerie is a high quality ligerie for Genesis 8 Female(s) by Daz 3D.
All outfit parts come with pre-installed refined morphs for high quality cleavage and glutes crease.
While this package comes with a selection of morphs preinstalled, it automatically conforms to any morph dialed in Genesis 8 Female(s) through auto-follow and in DAZ Studio 4.10 or higher.
Also included is a set of Micro Pressure morphs for Genesis 8 Female(s). The exclusive Micro Pressure feature brings extra realism to your renders with morphed soft body pressure from clothing. The strength of these morphs can be dialed from 0 to 100 and are available for both clothing pieces separately. The can be activated either manually with the dials in your figure or with the provided ON and OFF presets.
Material files are optimized for Iray.

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