Spring Wear Dressing Bundle (V4.2 Elite,A4,S4,G4)

Spring Wear Dressing Bundle (V4.2 Elite,A4,S4,G4)

Package Content :
Geometrical Figures: 6 (Multishape Shirt, Extra dynamic Skirt, Multishape Shoes, Multishape Bra, Panty, Multishape Pantyhose.)
Poses : approx. 750
Faces : 3 Jasmina face poses
Lights : 2 Lights
Python : Python color changer program
Shirt Types: Full, V-Neck, Strapples (Type can be set on /off via Mat Poses)
Shoe Types: Full, With shoelaces, +Chains (Type can be set on /off via Mat Poses)
Bra Types: Full, Strapless, No Front, No Sides, No Breasts (or mixed) (Type can be set on /off via Mat Poses)
Pantyhose Types: Full, Short (With mutiple choices) (Type can be set on /off via Mat Poses)
!!!750 Mat poses for clothing bundle!!!
All thumbnailed, 750 Morphs with Hi-res texture maps. Panty and Bra has additional 3 categories : Bikini, Lingerie and .underwear
Package has Automatic Figure loading system!!!. With a single click you can load full set of the cloths or remove them. (This function requires Poser)
Shirt has "IN SKIRT" body dial for different usage (in skirt :D)
Skirt included in this package has 3 types of movement mechanism: Automatic, Manual and Automatic+Manual. There is switch dial you can turn Automatic conforming function and you can set your skirts movements individually. You can create a wave effects, movements (x,y,z), rotation (x,y,z) , sizing for 4 sides of the skirt.Or you can just use automatic movements and leave poser to do this job for you. Aftwewards, you can also create wind effects,wave effects by just playing with dials.
Automorphing Function: Figures loaded to Poser are autmatically morphs together with V4. Just use morph dials of the V4 and all items automatically change.
Morphs: All matching morphs are included in the figures from Victoria 4.2 Elite, Girl 4, Aiko 4, Stephanie 4 and Muscle morph set

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