SV's Helix Iray Shaders

SV's Helix Iray Shaders

SV's Helix Sci-Fi Iray Shaders
- 10 Utility Shaders for Tiling Size 1x1-10x10 (you can always go smaller in the material pane)
- 40 Patterned Sci-Fi Iray Shaders
- 20 Metallic Leather Shaders
- 60 Shaders Total plus Utility Options
- 20 Seamless Textures w/matching Bump Maps, Normal Maps are located in the Texture Folder
**For 2D users the 20 Seamless Tiles are also packaged separately**
A fabulous set of Sci-Fi Iray shaders for just about anything, designed from 20 seamless tiles, great on sci-fi, pinup, clothing, props, sheets, etc. Created with attention to details, countless hours of testing, and rendered with all lights by Sveva, *including sets not yet released*. This is also a Merchant Resource, please see ReadMe.txt for more information. Easily change colors and effects by adjusting the Iray Shader sliders and diffuse colors/metallic flake colors etc.

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