Sublime Accents for LIE

Sublime Accents for LIE

3DSublimeProductions Presents: Sublime Accents for DAZ Studio and Layered Image Editor
The Layered Image Editor for DAZ Studio is an amazing add on that allows you to use layers in conjunction with any skin texture as long as the two texture templates match in size. You can customize your characters with different make-up options, and still be able to use your favorite skins!
For instance, you can load Victoria 4 and apply your favorite character pack skin, and layer one of our Sublime Accent Make-Up Layers on top of the original texture for an all new look. You can mix and match to your hearts desire. In this package, you'll find: eye shadow layers, lip layers, fantasy type layers, grunge layers, and full face (eyeshadow and lip) layers. The possibilities are endless!
Required Products: Multi-Layered Image Editor

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