Ninniach Alata

Ninniach Alata

Visit a place of peace and solace where a troubled soul can find consolation. Let the mystic rainbow vines soothe your emotions with their aromatic scents through the morning mists. Touch the rainbow of life in this placid, magical place.
Ninniach Alata - Elven for Rainbow's Radiance - is a magical bower texture for Ethriel's Bower, and is covered in rainbow vines, wrought of rare inlaid marbles, enamels, and gold. This is a place you can turn into a magical getaway and is perfect for fantasy scenes, tales of the fairy-kind, or whatever your heart may imagine.
Taking full advantage of the realistic texture potential in current software, Ninniach Alata includes diffusion, reflection, bump, transparency and displacement maps for Poser 5, 6 as well as DAZ Studio, all accessible via coordinating thumbnails.
Come and settle your soul among the warm shafts of sunlight and the sparkle of soft dew drops.
Required Products: Ethriel's Bower

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