SF Unicorn for DAZ Horse 2

SF Unicorn for DAZ Horse 2

SickleYield and Fuseling bring you one of our favorite mythical creatures – the mighty Unicorn!
This character set for the DAZ Horse 2 comes with six conforming pieces and a whopping TEN texture sets, all that you'll need to create beautiful, majestic unicorns of many types for your scenes.
The tufted tail piece is a geograft for total seamlessness with the body textures, and two super-long mane pieces are included too. For those who prefer a long hair tail, textures are even included to match our manes to the default DAZ Horse 2 tail.
Textures let you create whimsical, magical, or frightening and hellish creatures for your fantasy scenes. Whatever sort of unicorn you need for your scene, it's probably here!
Required Products: DAZ Horse 2

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