Sisters for Zev0's Growing Up Pack

Sisters for Zev0's Growing Up Pack

Presenting The Sisters - a selection of cute young girls, an older pre-teen and adult for Genesis 2 Female(s) and Victoria 6.
The girls bring a stunning variety of body shapes and age inspired morphs to all of your renders, whilst making use of the 'Growing Up' package for Genesis 2 Female(s) by Zev0.
They feature 5 custom full body morphs for Genesis 2 Female(s). As well as 1 body morph for Victoria 6.
Also included is a large selection of adult, teen & child makeups, just to add a bit more fun!
The girls also come with bald or hair textured heads, and three sets of DAZ Studio materials: Default Base materials, EHSS, & Adv SSS shaders for human skin tones. The Sisters also come with full DSON support.
Required Products: Growing Up for Genesis2 Female(s) and V6

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