Pay attention! SugarLand has new residents! These new ponies came from different parts of the world. They have new mane and tail with bows for gals. Of course, all eight ponies have matching mane and tail textures, colors for Toy Pony horn and wings, but this is not everything. There are total of twenty hair textures for more possibilities. And above all there are new transparency maps and material presets for DAZ Horse 2 original mane and tail.
Pony textures are optimized for the Toy Pony loaded with new UV. You may use with the DAZ Horse 2 base figure but some of them may distort a little bit. Set includes some morphs, JCMs and fixing morphs for the Horse and the Pony to bend head, neck and tail better.
Required Products: The Toy Pony, DAZ Horse 2

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