Tropical Flowering Anthuriums - Flamingo Lilies

Tropical Flowering Anthuriums - Flamingo Lilies

Tropical Flowering Anthuriums - Flamingo Lilies is a big bundle of exotic flowering plants, perfect to add color to a lush jungle, pop in a digital pot on a coffee table, or greenhouse bench, or for adding color and interest to exterior scenes where some tropical color is needed.
The perfect addition to your digital tropical plant collection, and perfect companions to MartinJFrost's other tropical palms, foliage, and flowering plants here at Daz!
The set contains 6 high-resolution hero plants in 5 color varieties, using Iray's powerful material capabilities to further enhance them with texture and color. As always a little goes a long way, and these great plants could be instanced (within reason as they are high-poly ) and small adjustments in the y rotation and scale values can make one model look like many different ones! And of course, all flower color options are included as material presets which means if you don't like the color you can change it with just one click.
Grab these great plants to add some color and interest to your scenes, whether it's a tropical jungle, garden, or as a focal point or set dressing in an interior!

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