Noodles Props and Poses

Noodles Props and Poses

After being slow cooked with a packet of spices, the soup is poured into a large bowl, and boiled noodles and sprigs of greens are added. A sprinkle of thinly sliced green onions tops off a bowl of steamy hot, aromatic noodles.
A layer of grease floats atop the rich brown soup. Steam sometimes escapes from the oily surface to expose white, tender noodles bobbing amid rust-red chunks of innocent-looking meat. The heat brings out the gamy smell of the beef, but, with the amelioration of spices, only an aromatic meaty fragrance remains.
It is a heavy fragrance.
It has an authentic, delicious flavor.
But is it wrong to wonder how my fish cake and soft-boiled egg might taste in another bowl?
Blow upon the succulent noodles, so supple and delicate. Pull them tight, then dip them into the waiting, fragrant broth.
Spicy, picante, hot—however one understands it, this noodle promises more than a nice lunch.
How much spice can I take? How much am I willing to endure?
We present here 30 poses and expressions for Genesis 8 Female and Male.
These wearable poses also have props; noodles according to pose and expression, chopsticks, and bowl.
6 recipes are presented.
Chopsticks and bowls are available in 6 different textures.
You have 5 ways to hold your chopsticks.

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