Mr Gammon HD for Genesis 8 Male

Mr Gammon HD for Genesis 8 Male

Mr. Hamilton Jamon Gammon is one of the richest tycoons in the world for sure, but everyone knows he’s probably achieved his wealth through very questionable methods. Actually, he’s also one of the worst people you’d have to deal with, a con man so greedy, an opportunist, a horrible boss who mistreats his employees, a major producer of environmental damages, a tax cheat, and an awkward playboy. Long story short, Mr. Gammon is a pig.
Mr. Gammon HD for Genesis 8 Male is a bizarre pig-man character, hand-sculpted and painted for the Genesis 8 Male model. He comes with 4 levels of HD details, a wearable tail, 3 eye colors, sunglasses, and watch (designed for his shape only), eyebrows, and hair for the chest, ears, face, forearms, and nostrils. Also, a smoother morph for his torso will allow you to fit better clothes on him.
This not-so-lovely chubby guy is a perfect solution for all your comedy, grotesque or allegorical stories. Let him sweat in a pink leotard during a gym session, or cooking some bacon strips at a barbecue. Why not sci-fi or fantasy too? Let’s dress him up with a spacesuit for your intergalactic battles, or send him into a fairyland and let him save the princess. Or you can just mix his funny shapes with your other characters. Get Mr. Gammon HD for Genesis 8 Male and add some humor to your stories today!

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