Necromancer 8.1 Mega Bundle

Necromancer 8.1 Mega Bundle

The Necromancer 8.1 Mega Bundle includes everything you need to master the dark arts, and then some! It features the characters Necromancer 8.1 and Elandra for Genesis 8.1 Female, plus the outfits, armor, weapons, Skull Castle environment, Lich Dragon Carnufex, and much more from other Necromancer 8.1 releases, all at a price that would rouse the dead.
In addition to everything included in the Necromancer 8.1 Bundle and Necromancer 8.1 Dragon Bundle, this Mega Bundle comes complete with Lich Dragon Carnufex Textures, Lich Night Poses, Necromancer 8.1 HD Add-On, and the Necromancer 8.1 Metamixer Add-On.
Get the ultimate Necromancer 8.1 collection and create countless dark fantasy scenes today!
This Bundle Includes:
• Genesis 8 Female Anatomical Elements
• Genesis 8 Male Anatomical Elements
• Necromancer 8.1 HD Add-On
• Lich Dragon Carnufex Texture Expansion
• Necromancer 8.1 Bundle
• Necromancer 8.1 Dragon Bundle
• Lich Night Poses for Lich Dragon and Necromancer 8.1
• Necromancer 8.1 Add-On for MetaMixer

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