Zuna Character and Outfit for Genesis 8 Female

Zuna Character and Outfit for Genesis 8 Female

Stories say a princess lives in the heart of the jungle, a beautiful warrior girl with emerald eyes, known by the name of Zuna.
Zuna is a semi-toon character for Genesis 8 Female model. She embodies the strength, the fitness and the beauty which characterized the heroines of the exotic tales. The character comes with 3 levels of HD details that allow you to enhance its body shape without adding relevant micro-details on the skin due to its nature as half-toon, but normal and bump maps allow you to add and adjust micro-details on lips, elbows and knees.
Zuna also comes with the distinctive Zuna's Eyebrows (3D fibers), a complete wild outfit designed for Genesis 8 Female base model and improved for Zuna character, equipped with top, skirt, gloves and boots covered by cheetah dForce hair, a set of underwear including bra and pants, also a necklace, earrings and a special spear with cheetah skin and dForce hair too! A lot of morphs allow you to adjust her clothes in every situation.
Use her for your amazing adventures, let her fight a wide range of animals and monsters, create your tales with her and evolve your story from the jungle to the city, from the past to the future, from Earth to the outer space, or mix her body shape with your characters and create your personal heroine. The adventure has just begun!

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