Imoen HD with HD Expressions for Genesis 8.1 Female

Imoen HD with HD Expressions for Genesis 8.1 Female

Imoen is hard to get on camera without her infectious smile! Here's what you get:
Skin based on new PBRSkin shader
Textures are still for the old Genesis 8 UV map
Eyes use the new UV map
Custom sculpted HD smile plus a variant with tongue out (not shown)
Asymmetric HD morph
Fibermesh eyebrows
Realistic skin pores and meticulously tuned skin shader presets
Better foot bends
Sculpted feet and a neutralizing morph in case shoes won't fit
Custom sculpted teeth
Custom sculpted tongue
More realistic tongue material
5 eye colors
A no-makeup and 5 makeups separated into lips and eyes
Lipgloss ON/OFF presets
Flushed cheeks LIE preset
2 Lashline LIE presets
3 metallic makeup presets
Presets for white and natural teeth color
5 sole displacement presets
Add Imoen HD to your collection and enjoy her expressive personality in your next render!

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