Vintage Styles for Verse Clothing Sets

Vintage Styles for Verse Clothing Sets

Vintage is inspired by the fashion of decades past with suede, leather, velvet, and the typical patterns in the spotlight, as well as the right palettes, to convey that 70s mood — and not just that. Stylish vintage is always in vogue!
Add even more variety to the Verse sets with these vintage options that perfectly pair with the flared pants and loose top.
While the texture sets and their variant were created as an ensemble, they all work great as separates, offering a mini-wardrobe to create many different styles when you mix and match them among themselves or with any other Verse style.
Included are also 12 styles for the belts that can be used with any of Verse texture styles, including these vintage ones, the main ones, and the customize ones to add even more oomph and variety to your outfits.
Required Products: Verse Moi Outfit for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females

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