Beverly HD for Brooke 8.1

Beverly HD for Brooke 8.1

Beverly HD for Brooke 8.1 is a full-bodied female character designed for the Brooke 8.1 model and is hand-sculpted and painted. This product includes a 4th HD level of details character, separate morphs for the head and body, glasses, 4 different eye colors, and a lot of corrective and auto-corrective morphs that allow you to enhance the body shapes when you bend her torso and limbs. In order to mix this character with your other models without affecting your final shape, all these corrective and auto-corrective morphs work only when the full shape of the Beverly character is activated, not on the single Beverly Body morph/Head morph.
With Beverly HD for Brooke 8.1, you can add some soft curves to your models, or you can just use this lovely character as it is in all your amazing stories. Do you think only fitness girls can climb mountains, fight monsters, or wear body armor with a plasma gun? Think big and free your imagination with Beverly HD for Brooke 8.1 today!

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