The Gobbler HD for Genesis 8 Male

The Gobbler HD for Genesis 8 Male

The Gobbler HD for Genesis 8 Male has no eyes, but it can find you. It has no nose, but it can taste you. It has no ears, but it can sense you. So the only thing you will see is a deep, dark, and face-wide mouth... but it's not for conversation.
If you have never thought teeth could be so scary, then you can try "The Gobbler" in your artwork. The Gobbler is a horrible monster designed for Genesis 8 Male model. It comes with its base level + 3 HD levels of details, 3 different skin colors, 2 morph dials for its mouth shape (shrink inner mouth + close mouth), and its default set of sharp and spiky teeth (261 teeth x 1657 polygons/tooth, made of a thick mesh).
The Gobbler is a perfect character for your horror stories, but how about letting your space heroes fight a horde of these "aliens" on a remote planet? Or let your bold fellow run away from a blind guardian demon in a fantasy tale. It also fits well as a powerful bio-suit. Or maybe it could be just a soft-hearted, ugly guy searching for a friend ... but you better not let it kiss you!

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