dForce Floral Fiesta Outfit for Genesis 8 Females

dForce Floral Fiesta Outfit for Genesis 8 Females

The dForce Floral Fiesta Outfit for Genesis 8 Females co,es in handy on hot summer days, and in places where the sun is always shining, be that a spectacular island in the middle of the ocean, a stunning beach, or simply a backyard with a swimming pool.
This set is a perfect choice anywhere, not only because it looks great, but also because due to its lightweight material, even the hottest days are not a problem. The dress is asymmetrical, so there is also a mirrored version available for those who would prefer the opening on the other side. The set also contains lightweight panties and a flower, which can be worn on its own, or in bundles of 2-3 as an accessory in the hair, or on the strap of the dress, depending on the wearer's desire.
The product contains 5 floral materials for everyday use and to the beach, and 2 additional materials that can be suited for fancier occasions. The flowers also come in different colors and pattern options for more variation.
The DIY version allows for custom arrangements through the overlay options. To make this easy, there are plenty of Surface Selection Sets in the Dress so you can set more surface at the same time. For those who do not wish to bother with this, there are predefined basic color arrangements and sample presets with overlays.

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