Steampunk Artificer for Genesis 8 Females

Steampunk Artificer for Genesis 8 Females

Working away the long hours by the warmth of her hearth under glowing lights of vacuum tube driven computer banks and gas powered lamps, the Artificer plies her craft, creating gadgets and toys and machines of pure steam powered wonder.
The Steampunk Artificer for Genesis 8 Female is a highly detailed clothing and prop kit featuring boots, pants, shirt, vest, gear strap, hat and gloves in it's core design, with specialty elements such as the triple lensed goggles, should tanks with independently rigged welding tool, and rebreather with back mounted tanks. Rigid follow nodes are used throughout for a variety of "hard" elements such as buckles and the "gear" styled buttons adorning much of the clothing. Special attention is given to the highly detailed gauges on the back and shoulder tanks.
A variety of morphs are included throughout to for adjustments cloth movements such as opening of of the shirt and vest, as well as movement of the vest straps.
A bonus library of 10 poses, in hierarchical format effecting the upper body of the Genesis 8 Female along with the should tanks and welding tool.

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