Scootering Poses and Props for Genesis 8

Scootering Poses and Props for Genesis 8

Scootering Poses And Props is a set of 46 poses of people riding on a scooter in pairs or single.
All poses were carefully balanced to look right and natural from any angle.
The set includes 14 pose pairs for female/male figures, 12 poses for a single female figure, and 8 poses for a single male figure. Motor scooter and helmet props are included.
It comes with scripts to pose figures and props at once and to optionally group them to make editing easier.
All poses include their mirror version and facial expression. Expressions can be optionally ignored to leave any existing figure's face unaltered. The scripts also allow you to ignore (leave unaltered) the lower or upper part of the figures.
Affer installation, the poses will be available in both the pose folders for Genesis 8 Female and Genesis 8 Male. Also, pose icons include their .tip image (bigger and shown when the mouse is held over the standard pose icon).

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