The Magical 8-Point Light Set - DAZ Studio Tutorial

The Magical 8-Point Light Set - DAZ Studio Tutorial

Light any DAZ Studio scene like a true MASTER!
Learn how to use (and abuse) Dreamlight's incredible 8-point light set up that can handle any situation, scene, both indoors and outdoors, and can also be used to portray emotions. Based on Dreamlight's popular 7-point light set up from 3D Light Master, now optimized and streamlined for DAZ Studio Iray.
Learn the CORE of lighting, and make your images POP like never before. Discover the 8-Light Point Set Up
Learn the 3 main lighting tools that will have the most impact in your renders and that will give you the most control over every single pixel.
Discover the 11 critical tactical elements of lighting most pro's will never share See why the camera holds some of the most hidden priming elements of lighting and how you can use it to your advantage.
The 3 incredible things that will dictate whether lighting can do its job 100% or just "so so", and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with lighting.
Learn how lights connect, and how to get your images more pleasant to view, while at the same time POP in masterful ways.
See an image being created from scratch, explaining things most artists will never hear, saving your YEARS of frustration.
Learn how to create emotions on demand, and let your lights not only look beautiful but also tell a captivating story.
Learn how to create subtle post work with maximum impact in Photoshop.
Learn how to mix and match layers rendered in DAZ Studio using Photoshop to save time and get extreme control over your images with LIVE adjustments.
Photoshop examples are generic (techniques can be used in other applications, such as the free Gimp)
Get The Magical 8-Point Light Set - DAZ Studio Tutorial and learn to light scenes like a pro.

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NitroFlare: 001 | 002
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