The Awful Emperor HD for Genesis 8 Male

The Awful Emperor HD for Genesis 8 Male

There is a faraway place you would never go for sure, an unpleasant land of sadness, cruelty and pain. That is the dark reign of the so-called Awful Emperor, the most vicious, ruthless and sadistic ruler of all time...
The Awful Emperor is a very large and wicked character for Genesis 8 Male model. He comes with base level morph plus 2 separated dials for his different HD shapes (Awful Emperor usual and Awful Emperor sick) with 3 levels of HD details for each dial (use only 1 HD shape at a time). That solution will allow you to choose your favorite shape without losing quality, or mix his base shape with your other characters so as to add fatness without mixing undesirable skin details and wrinkles.
All the metal components have been designed as wearable props in order to maintain a realistic stiffness during his movements, but a set of morphs and auto-corrective morphs allow you to adjust them in any situation.
Due to his extreme shape this character needs limitations in motion in the same way as a real massive body could incur. For your best results it is suggested to use the preset Awful Emperor character if you intend to use him fully. The preset character includes his natural rotation limits (keep the rotation limits ON during poses) and a lot of auto-corrective morphs in order to avoid and minimize self-intersecting surfaces.
The Awful Emperor is a perfect villain that adapts to a wide range of stories: put him in charge of a whole exoplanet in your sci-fi tale, let him rule a reign of terror in the medieval era or in a fantasy world, add a counterpoint to your skinny zombies and monsters, surround him with a lot of henchmen in your detective comic. The Awful Emperor is your awful character for your awesome stories!

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