Senior Citizen Props

Senior Citizen Props

Are you ready for your Senior-Apocalypse? Here is a collection of 5 must-have senior gadgets.
There is an aluminum walker equipped with tennis ball feet, a sturdy metal cane, a grab stick to reach things in awkward places, a large button cell phone (flip model only!) and a supersized pill organizer. The cell phone, grab stick and pill organizer are rigged. The cell phone can be flipped open and closed. It comes with 4 different screen materials and a choice of two case colors: Royal Blue or Feisty Pink. The pincers, shaft, and trigger all move on the grab stick. The 28 snap tops on the pill organizer can be independently opened.
All 5 props come with wearable presets for Genesis 8 Male and Female. There is also an included walker pose to get your aging avatar moving.

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