Akila Character with Hair Textures for Genesis 8 Female

Akila Character with Hair Textures for Genesis 8 Female

New for Genesis 8 Female, Akila is a high quality character, her name is Egyptian meaning wise or intelligent. Ready for adventure with a muscular physique and an exotic face morph that needs only your imagination for memorable scenes. She has an exquisite photo based skin texture, detailed and including genitals. 3 makeup styles with several color options for each, lash transparency, 8 eye colors and 11 lips options. Normal maps, 1 No Brow texture (natural no Makeup) and 3 translucency settings. The textures are Iray Optimized and the face bump and normal are carefully made from high resolution real skin 3d scans to stand up to very close up rendering.
She also comes with 15 Bonus diffuse color textures for the Jumbo Side Braids hair.

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