Katarina HD for Genesis 8 Female

Katarina HD for Genesis 8 Female

Katarina is the first character of the EcVh0's People Series for Genesis 8 Female, with a unbelievably huge amount of content in one single character preset!
What's Included in this Mega Set?
• In this set, you will be able to get the full 4 life stages of Katarina - from her as a teenager, to her being a grown up adult, then her being a mature, mid 30 woman, and finally her being an retired elder
• She also has 5 customized body morph presets/sliders representing different body type she had during her adult - mature woman period: Normal, Chubby, Skinny, Busty and Sporty with countless ways of combination. And also 1 extra body morph for the teenage her and 1 extra for the elder her - 7 Body morphs in total!
• Her skin is customized based on the EcVh0's Iray Skin Shader, maximizing the realism on her skin and her skin details, making her absolutely gorgeous under any light conditions!
• She also has 13 Eye Colors, 11 Lipstick Color Presets, 4 LIE Daily Makeup Presets each with 10+ Makeup Colors (40+ In total), 1 LIE Stylish Makeup Preset with 8 Color Styles, 10 nails color preset, and also EcVh0's "Create Your Own Nails and Lipsticks" expanding the nail and lipsticks to ANY COLOR YOU LIKE!
• In addition to all above, all presets have No brow Option for any one who want to use their own fibermesh brows on her.
She's using Genesis 8 Female base UV, which means her texture and Shader all works on genesis 3 female, with the requirement of turning the UV map to "Base Female"!

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